Quotes and Reviews

“We have lived in the village for 21 years and we have only good things to say about this wonderful place. There is harmony and a family like spirit and many opportunities to volunteer in various areas.”     Evan and Bea

” This was our first year down here and it has met all our expectations and gone beyond. We had physical issues so felt we would like to come to il Villaggio to relax and heal. As it turned out, we were able to not only heal physically but spiritually, as well. We are so thankful that God directed us here!”     Joy

“I’m grateful for so many interested, caring, helping hands in the village when special needs arose especially, over my last two years as a new resident. ”   Fern

“Your ministry at il Villaggio certainly is a great blessing to the lives of many. We heard testimony after testimony of how much il Villaggio has blessed many of the residents and have experienced that blessing first hand ourselves.”  Larry

“I love it here at il Villaggio. I can and do many different things but if I just want to stay home and relax I can do that too with out guilt.”   Sherman